Cornelis Vreedenburgh [1880 – 1946]

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portrait Cornelis Vreedenburgh One of the (many, many) perks of doing genealogical research is getting to know a lot of talented people. In this series I will introduce you to some of these people that are in my tree.
Today marks the birthday of Cornelis Vreedenburgh, an exceptionally talented painter, the perfect person to start off this series.

Cornelis Vreedenburgh was born on August 26th 1880 in Woerden. He received his first lessons from his father who owned a painting- and decoratingcompany in Woerden, where he also worked. From 1902 he was a student with G.J. Roermeester in Woerden, and also established contact with W.B. Tholen and A. Roelofs.
During the time he spent with his father he loved to go out on his boat to paint the waters and rivers.
In 1909 he moved to Warmond, where he met his future wife Marie Schotel. After their marriage in 1912 they lived in St. Tropez for a while. When they came back to Holland they settled first in Hattem, where Cornelis’s friend Jan Voerman lived, and in 1918 they moved to Laren. The reason he moved to Laren was his love for Amsterdam, a city that captivated him with it’s picturesque canals.
Three of his paintings were acquired by Queen Wilhelmina: “Landschap met Koeien” (1907), “Koeien in de Wei” and “Prins Hendrikkade” (1937).
He was a member of the artistsocieties “Arti et Amicitiae“,”St. Lucas” in Laren en “Pulchri Studio“.
When Cornelis celebrated his 60th birthday he was already suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The disease made ​​it difficult for him to participate in social life but worse, it prevented him from painting.
On June 27th 1946, just about a month before his 66th birthday, Cornelis passed away. He is buried at the ‘St. Janskerkhof’ in Laren.

Do you know of any other talented person in our extended family? If you would like me to feature them in a post, just drop me a line!

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